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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Reduced circuit obtained by combining the ion-specific pathways using the Goldman equation
  Ligand-gated calcium channel in closed and open states
  Facilitated diffusion in cell membranes, showing ion channels and carrier proteins
  Equivalent circuit for a patch of membrane, consisting of a fixed capacitance in parallel with four pathways each containing a battery in series with a variable conductance

Question 2: These changes in the membrane potential enable communication with other cells (as with ________) or initiate changes inside the cell, which happens in an egg when it is fertilized by a sperm.
Photoreceptor cellIon channelAction potentialNeuron

Question 3: Electrically this is a type of ________ (resistance-capacitance circuit), and its electrical properties are very simple.
LC circuitRLC circuitRL circuitRC circuit

Question 4: Second, in electrically excitable cells such as ________, it is used for transmitting signals between different parts of a cell.
NeuronGlial cellNervous systemPhotoreceptor cell

Question 5: Opening or closing of ion channels at one point in the membrane produces a local change in the membrane potential, which causes ________ to flow rapidly to other points in the membrane.
Maxwell's equationsElectric chargeMagnetic fieldElectric current

Question 6: z is the number of ________ of the ion in question involved in the reaction
Planck constantElementary chargeElectronPhysical constant

Question 7: In electrical terminology, the plasma membrane functions as a combined resistor and ________.
CapacitanceInductorElectronic componentCapacitor

Question 8: Every animal cell is enclosed in a plasma membrane, which has the structure of a ________ with many types of large molecules embedded in it.
Lipid bilayerMetabolismCell membraneLipid bilayer fusion

Question 9: One example of this type is the ________, a receptor for the neurotransmitter glutamate that when activated allows passage of sodium and potassium ions.
AMPA receptorGlutamate receptorNMDA receptorNicotinic acetylcholine receptor

Question 10: Another functionally important ion pump is the ________.
Band 3Sodium-calcium exchangerSodium-glucose transport proteinsNa-K-Cl cotransporter


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