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Question 1: The members of the Bundesrat, elected by the provincial diets (Landtage) of the nine federal ________, are known as Mitglieder des Bundesrats.
States of GermanyStates of AustriaAutonomous communities of SpainCantons of Switzerland

Question 2: ________ continues to elect MPs to the modern Parliament of the United Kingdom.
Northern IrelandScotlandIrish peopleWales

Question 3: Before 1951, New Zealand had a ________ (or two-chamber) parliament, and there were two designations: Member of the House of Representatives, abbreviated MHR, the body which survives today, and Member of the Legislative Council, abbreviated MLC.
United States SenateAustralian SenateUpper houseBicameralism

Question 4: They sit either for life, in the case of the Lords Temporal, or so long as they continue to occupy their ecclesiastical positions in the case of the ________.
Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy CouncilLords SpiritualReserved and excepted mattersOfficial Opposition Shadow Cabinet

Question 5: The 16 federal ________ (Länder) are represented by the Bundesrat at the former Prussian House of Lords, whose members are representatives of the respective Länder's governments and not directly elected by the people.
States of GermanyCantons of SwitzerlandCommunities, regions and language areas of BelgiumStates of Austria

Question 6: Both chambers are in The Hague which is the seat of parliament but not the official capital of the Netherlands, which is ________.

Question 7: The present ________'s members are known as Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA).
Northern Ireland Assembly CommissionNorthern Ireland Assembly election, 2007Committee for EducationNorthern Ireland Assembly

Question 8: In many countries the term applies specifically to members of the lower house, as upper houses often have a unique title, such as ________, and thus also have unique titles for its members, such as senators.
Australian SenateBicameralismSenateUnited States Senate

Question 9: In ________, Members of Parliament refers to elected members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka and National List Member of Parliament, who are nominated by the contending parties (and independent groups) in proportion to their share of the national vote.
Sri LankaMaldivesMalaysiaPakistan

Question 10: The ________ contains members of three different parliaments:
WalesCanadaUnited KingdomEngland

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