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Member State of the European Union: Quiz


Question 1: [39] Turkey, which applied in the 1980s, is a more contentious issue but entered negotiations in 2004 (see ________).
Foreign relations of the European UnionEuropean Union – Turkey Customs UnionAccession of Croatia to the European UnionAccession of Turkey to the European Union

Question 2:
What type is thing is Member State of the European Union?
Live album

Question 3: The national governments appoint one member each to the European Commission (in accord with its president), the European Court of Justice (in accord with other members) and the ________.
Barroso CommissionCourt of AuditorsEuropean ParliamentEuropean Union

Question 4: French President ________ feared British membership would be an American Trojan horse and vetoed its application.
Harry S. TrumanFrançois MitterrandGeorge MarshallCharles de Gaulle

Question 5: When decisions are not being taken by ________, votes are weighted so that a country with a greater population has more votes within the Council than a smaller country (although not exact, smaller countries have more votes than their population would allow relative to the largest countries).
DemocracyLibertarian socialismConsensusConsensus decision-making

Question 6: [37] Meanwhile, the members of the former ________ and Yugoslavia were all starting to move towards EU membership.
Joseph StalinEastern BlocBerlin WallIron Curtain

Question 7: [29] But despite the setbacks, and the withdrawal of Greenland from Denmark's membership in 1985,[34] three more countries would join the Communities before the end of the ________.
Cold WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyJoseph Stalin

Question 8: Following Norway's failure to join the EU, it became one of the members of the European Economic Area which also includes ________ and Liechtenstein (all former members have joined the EU and Switzerland rejected membership).

Question 9: ________, Macedonia and Turkey are all formal, acknowledged candidates.

Question 10: Of the republics, ________ operates a presidential system (the president is head of state and government) and three others operate a semi-presidential system (competencies shared between the president and prime minister.


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