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Question 1: However, the leopard, the jaguar, the lion and the tiger are all members of the ________ genus.
CheetahPolar bearPantheraSnow Leopard

Question 2: Studies reported in ________ magazine in 2003 also suggested that recessive-gene melanism is linked to disease resistance rather than altitude.
American ScientistNew ScientistNational Geographic (magazine)BBC Focus

Question 3: [1] For a description of melanin-related disorders see ________, melanosis coli and ocular melanosis.
MelaninRed hairDNAHuman skin color

Question 4: Industrial melanism is adaptive melanism caused by anthropogenic alteration of the ________ in terms of industrial pollution.
Natural environmentEcologyEarthNature

Question 5: ________ [TV-Series and book].
The Trials of LifePlanet Earth (TV series)Life on Earth (TV series)The Life of Mammals

Question 6: The opposite of melanism is ________, a deficiency in or total absence of melanin pigments.

Question 7: The term melanism has been used in this context as early as the mid-1990s[7] and was promoted by some ________, such as Frances Cress Welsing.
AfrocentrismRacial segregationSlaveryRacism

Question 8: [5] ________ is commonly used as an example of industrial melanism.
Population geneticsPeppered moth evolutionPolymorphism (biology)Natural selection

Question 9: Abundism is the occurrence of excessively abundant dark markings (such as spots, stripes or other patch types) due to increased dark pigmentation on the coat, fur or skin of some animal ________.
Biological classificationEvolutionSpeciesLife

Question 10: ________ and jaguars with this condition are often called black panther (although cougars are also known as panthers, there are no verified cases of melanism in that species).
Gray WolfTigerLionLeopard


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