Mel Tillis: Quiz

Question 1: Lonnie Melvin Tillis (born August 8, 1932), known professionally as Mel Tillis, is an American ________ singer.
BluesAmerican folk musicJazzCountry music

Question 2: Tillis was born in Dover, ________ in 1932.
MassachusettsFloridaNorth CarolinaNew Jersey

Question 3: In the late-50s, after becoming a hit-making songwriter, he signed his own contract with ________ in the late-50s.
Columbia RecordsLegacy RecordingsSony Music EntertainmentRCA Records

Question 4: He also wrote his ________ called Stutterin' Boy, (the title comes from Tillis' speech impediment).
Persian languageRhetoricAutobiographyJean-Jacques Rousseau

Question 5: (a songwriter), ________, Carrie April Tillis, Connie Tillis, Cindy Tillis, and Hannah Tillis.
Sweetheart's DancePam TillisPam Tillis discographyHomeward Looking Angel

Question 6: In the 1990s, Tillis's daughter, ________, became a successful country music singer in her own right, having hits like "Maybe It Was Memphis" and "Shake the Sugar Tree".
Pam TillisSweetheart's DancePam Tillis discographyHomeward Looking Angel

Question 7: He briefly signed with RCA Records, as well as ________, and later Curb Records in 1991.
Universal Music GroupPhilips RecordsDecca RecordsMercury Records

Question 8: When young Tillis was stationed in ________, he formed a band called The Westerners, which played at local nightclubs.
Okinawa PrefectureJapanYamanashi PrefectureRyukyu Islands

Question 9: Ray Price and ________ also charted hits with Tillis' material around this time.
Country musicOzark JubileePatsy ClineBrenda Lee

Question 10: The group recorded a double album of songs penned entirely by ________.
Waylon JenningsShel SilversteinEmmylou HarrisKris Kristofferson

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