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Question 1: A version of this pattern was used in Hitler's ________ retreat.
Adolf HitlerBerchtesgadenBerghof (residence)Kehlsteinhaus

Question 2: After the establishment of the ________, the company was handed over to German ownership in 1950 and became a people-owned company.
Soviet UnionCommunist RomaniaCommunist stateEast Germany

Question 3: His work resulted in the production of exquisite figurines in the ________ style that influenced porcelain making in all of Europe.
RococoNeoclassicismArt NouveauBaroque

Question 4: It was basically designed by Höroldt in 1739 and is probably inspired by a Chinese bowl from the ________ period.
Qing DynastyKangxi EmperorChinaMing Dynasty

Question 5: Some appealing work in the ________ style was produced, but Meissen's mainstay continued to be the constant production of revived eighteenth-century models.
CubismArt NouveauExpressionismImpressionism

Question 6: By 1717, however, a competing production was set up at Vienna, as Samuel Stöltzel sold the secret recipe, which involved the use of ________, also known as china clay.

Question 7: Sèvres styles and ventures into ________, such as matte bisque wares that had the effect of white marble, marked the manufactory's output under Count Camillo Marcolini, from 1774.
NeoclassicismArt NouveauWestern art historyArt Deco

Question 8: After World War II, most of the equipment was sent to the ________ as part of war reparations.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyRussiaJoseph Stalin

Question 9: However, already by 1946, the workers using traditional methods and the ________ that had not been dismantled were able to resume production.
KilnCharcoalOxygenCement kiln

Question 10: Its signature ________, the crossed swords, was introduced in 1720 to protect its production; the mark of the crossed swords is one of the oldest trademarks in existence.
LogoCorporate identityGraphicsBrand


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