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Mei Lanfang: Quiz


Question 1: The Imperial Japanese Army soon occupied ________.

Question 2: Méi was the first artist to spread Beijing Opera to foreign countries, participating in cultural exchanges with ________, the United States, and other regions.
United KingdomCanadaJapanCambodia

Question 3: Méi was born in ________(1894), into a family of Beijing Opera and Kūnqǔ performers.
YangzhouWuxiNantongTaizhou, Jiangsu

Question 4: In July 1937, the ________ occurred.
Operation Ichi-GoMukden IncidentSecond Sino-Japanese WarMarco Polo Bridge Incident

Question 5: During his visit to Hollywood, he was also welcomed by ________ and Mary Pickford.
Bob HopeDouglas FairbanksWill RogersGeorge Jessel (actor)

Question 6: Acclaimed director ________ directed Forever Enthralled, a film biography of Mei's life, released in December 2008.
Together (2002 film)Zhang YimouChen KaigeFarewell My Concubine (film)

Question 7: He toured the world, forming friendships with the western contemporaries of his day, including ________.
Charlie Chaplin filmographyThe Gold RushCharlie ChaplinThe Great Dictator

Question 8: Méi Lánfāng is his ________, and in Chinese it is generally considered a feminine name.
Avenged SevenfoldPseudonymStage nameUnited States


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