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Megumi Nakajima: Quiz


Question 1: Born of a Japanese father and a ________ mother[1][2], she was brought up in a "house filled with music" and grew up with the desire to sing.
PhilippinesFilipino peopleReligion in the PhilippinesEthnic groups in the Philippines

Question 2: All music composed by ________.
The SeatbeltsMaaya SakamotoYoko KannoSingle Collection+ Nikopachi

Question 3: Running on[16] is the seventh single from Megumi and second of the group Eclipse of the ________ series, it contains the songs Running on (which was used as insert song), and also features solo versions of their debut single nO limiT.
BasketballComp AceShōnen AceBasquash!

Question 4: The end of 2009 reappeared as Ranka Lee in the movie of ________.
Macross FrontierMacross PlusMacross 7The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Question 5: Haha to Ko-Ranka no Aimo (母と子ランカのアイモ?) [Mother and Little Ranka's Aimo] (duet with ________)
KazeyomiEverywhere (Maaya Sakamoto album)Single Collection+ NikopachiMaaya Sakamoto

Question 6: Megumi Nakajima (中島 愛 Nakajima Megumi?, born June 5, 1989) is a seiyū and ________ under the Stardust Promotion talent agency.
Human voiceSingingHead voiceVocal pedagogy

Question 7: Arrangements: track1=Yoko Kanno, track2=________, Hisaaki Hokari
Single Collection+ NikopachiYoko KannoThe SeatbeltsMaaya Sakamoto

Question 8: Favorite Artists: Mariah Carey, Earth, Wind & Fire, Nomiya Maki, Ekuni Kaori, Oonari Yuuko, Okamoto Tarou, ________
Paul McCartneyNicolas SarkozyJohn LennonBrigitte Bardot

Question 9: All music composed by ________.
The SeatbeltsMaaya SakamotoSingle Collection+ NikopachiYoko Kanno

Question 10: In 2007, she auditioned to the Victor Entertainment sanctioned "Victor Vocal & Voice Audition" and won the role to voice Ranka Lee in ________.
The Super Dimension Fortress MacrossMacross 7Macross PlusMacross Frontier


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