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Megametre: Quiz


Question 1: A megameter is also a type of astrometrical instrument used for determining ________ by observation of the stars.
LongitudeRWMHBG (time signal)DCF77

Question 2: (It was exactly 40 Mm from 1791 to 1875; see ________).
10 megametres1 decametre100 megametresMetre

Question 3: Megametres are also occasionally found in ________.
CyberpunkScience fictionScience fiction fandomAlternate history

Question 4: ________ province's total area is 1.542 Mm2.
New FranceQuebecOntarioCanada

Question 5: The ________'s polar circumference is 39.94 Mm.

Question 6: The ________'s equatorial diameter is 12.76 Mm.

Question 7: The distance from ________ to Marseille is approximately 1 Mm.

Question 8: The mean distance from the ________ to the Moon is 384.4 Mm.

Question 9: ________'s equatorial diameter is 143 Mm.
Ganymede (moon)JupiterCallisto (moon)Io (moon)

Question 10: ________, for comparison with other units of length
Conversion of unitsMetric systemUnited States customary unitsCentimetre gram second system of units


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