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Megabyte: Quiz


Question 1: 1024000 bytes (1000×1024): This is used to describe the formatted capacity of the "1.44 MB" 3.5 inch HD ________, which actually has a capacity of 1474560 bytes.
File Allocation TableHard disk driveFloppy diskUSB flash drive

Question 2: The ________ file manager is a notable example of this usage in software.
Internet Information ServicesMicrosoft WindowsInternet ExplorerDirectX

Question 3: The ________ 10.6 file manager is a notable example of this usage in software.
Mac OS XMac OS X ServerQuickTimeSafari (web browser)

Question 4: 6 seconds of uncompressed ________.
Digital Audio TapeCompact DiscMiniDiscUniversal Media Disc

Question 5: Depending on compression methods and ________, a megabyte of data can roughly be:
File formatFilename extensionFile systemMagic number (programming)

Question 6: a 1024×1024 pixel bitmap image with 256 colors (8 bpp ________).
RGB color modelColor depthPalette (computing)Indexed color

Question 7: This is reflected in an increasing number of software projects using the new definitions, but some ________ still show file sizes using the binary interpretation (10242 bytes).
KonquerorNorton CommanderFile managerFinder (software)

Question 8: 1 minute of 128 kbit/s ________ compressed music.
Audio compression (data)MP3MPEG-1Advanced Audio Coding


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