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Question 1: The episode was honored with the fourth season's sole ________ for its achievement in sound mixing.
Daytime Emmy AwardEmmy Award27th Sports Emmy AwardsSports Emmy Award

Question 2: In addition to ________'s original score, "Meet Kevin Johnson" contained popular music diegetically.
Academy Award for Best Original ScoreThe IncrediblesMichael GiacchinoUp (2009 film)

Question 3: Online speculation about Tom's sexual orientation began after the broadcast of the third season premiere, in which Tom tells Kate Austen (________) that she is "not [his] type".
Josh HollowayJames "Sawyer" FordLost (TV series)Evangeline Lilly

Question 4: "Meet Kevin Johnson" is the eightieth television episode of the ________'s (ABC's) Lost and the eighth episode of the fourth season.
CBSDisney-ABC Television GroupLive Well HD NetworkAmerican Broadcasting Company

Question 5: [75][76] In an 8.8 out of 10 review, ________'s Chris Carabott called the scene "completely out of place … tacked on and anticlimactic" as it "came at the strangest moment".

Question 6: The freighter is owned by Charles Widmore (________), who is intent on extracting the Others' leader Ben Linus (Michael Emerson).
Lost (TV series)The X-FilesUgly BettyAlan Dale

Question 7: The next morning, ________ (Naveen Andrews) confronts Michael about his motivations, and the narrative shifts into an uninterrupted flashback of Michael's life after escaping from the island.
Lost (season 1)Sayid JarrahLost (TV series)Lost (season 3)

Question 8: It was written in October and November 2007 by supervising producer Elizabeth Sarnoff and co-producer ________, and directed in November by co-executive producer Stephen Williams.
Brian K. VaughanPride (comics)Cloak and Dagger (comics)Runaways (comics)

Question 9: Overcome with guilt, Michael confesses that he murdered ________ (Michelle Rodriguez) and Libby (Cynthia Watros) as part of his rescue of Walt from the Others' captivity.
Lost (TV series)Michael Dawson (Lost)Lost (season 2)Ana Lucia Cortez

Question 10: Michael and his son ________ (Malcolm David Kelley) return to New York.
Lost (season 2)Walt LloydMichael Dawson (Lost)Kate Austen


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