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Medieval medicine: Quiz


Question 1: Smallpox then spread to Mexico where it then helped destroy the ________.
Inca EmpireMesoamerican chronologyAztecPre-Columbian era

Question 2: Smallpox wiped out villages in a matter of ________.
Gregorian calendarMonthJulian calendarIslamic calendar

Question 3: At Milan a portion of the general hospital was designed by Bramante and another part of it by ________.
Sistine ChapelSt. Peter's BasilicaMichelangeloSistine Chapel ceiling

Question 4: High medieval surgeons like ________ pioneered anatomy in European universities and conducted systematic human dissections.
LungStomachMondino de LiuzziSpleen

Question 5: ________ also had a large impact on medical advances during the Renaissance.
Leonardo da VinciMona LisaLeonardo da Vinci's personal lifeItalian Renaissance painting

Question 6: Much later, in 1628, ________ explained the circulation of blood through the body in veins and arteries.
HeartWilliam HarveyIbn al-NafisArtery

Question 7: During the ________ European medicine began to be influenced by Islamic medicine.
East–West SchismFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCounter-ReformationCrusades

Question 8: Medieval European medicine became more developed during the Renaissance of the 12th century, when many medical texts both on ancient Greek medicine and on ________ were translated from the Arabic during the 12th century.
Medicine in medieval IslamScience in medieval IslamInventions in medieval IslamIslamic Golden Age

Question 9: Pare also believed in dressing wounds with clean bandages and ointments, including one he made himself composed of eggs, oil of ________, and turpentine.
RoseCitrusRosa caninaEngland

Question 10: The great crisis in European medicine came with the ________ epidemic in the 14th century.
Black Death migrationPlague (disease)Black DeathPandemic


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