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Question 1: For practical reasons, ________ was still eaten by working men, and was tolerated for young children, women, the elderly and the sick.
Medieval cuisineFoodBreakfastBread

Question 2: The most prevalent butcher's meats were pork and chicken and other domestic fowl, while ________, which required greater investment in land, was less common.
BeefTaboo food and drinkCattleMilk

Question 3: Various legumes, like ________, fava beans and peas were also common and important sources of protein, especially among the lower classes.
Reference Daily IntakeChickpeaDietary fiberFolic acid

Question 4: As today, geese and ducks had been domesticated but were not as popular as the ________, the fowl equivalent of the pig.
CockfightChickenChicken soupChicken (food)

Question 5: The Forme of Cury - A late 14th century English cookbook, available from ________
Amazon KindleGoogle BooksProject GutenbergProject Gutenberg Australia

Question 6: ________, unlike today, was considered to be a type of spice due to its high cost and humoral qualities.
SugarHigh-fructose corn syrupHoneyMetabolism

Question 7: But for most people, almost all cooking was done in simple stewpots, since this was the most efficient use of firewood and did not waste precious cooking juices, making potages and ________ the most common dishes.
StewIranian cuisineMedieval cuisineFood

Question 8: [44] Many varieties of cheese eaten today, like Dutch Edam, Northern French Brie and Italian ________, were available and well-known in late medieval times.
Gorgonzola (cheese)Grana PadanoParmigiano-ReggianoTaleggio cheese

Question 9: ________ was a ubiquitous and indispensable in medieval cooking.
HypertensionSaltWaterSodium chloride

Question 10: Even when a dish was dominated by a single flavorer it was usually combined with another to produce a compound taste, for example parsley and ________ or pepper and ginger.
CloveBlack pepperNutmegCumin

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