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Question 1: The essential nature of the rite common to these divergent traditions deserves further anthropological exploration as does an ________ of their valence.

Question 2: Other North American indigenous peoples also made these circle ________.
PetroformNorth DakotaOjibweMedicine wheel

Question 3: Some locations of medicine wheels are found in the prairie regions of North America, such as Manitoba, Wyoming, Montana, Saskatchewan, and ________.
AlbertaBritish ColumbiaCanadaQuebec

Question 4: Medicine wheels are sited throughout northern United States and southern Canada, specifically South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, ________ and Saskatchewan.
AlbertaQuebecBritish ColumbiaManitoba

Question 5: Medicine wheels were commonly used by North American natives such as the ________ and prehistoric ancestors of the Assiniboine.
First NationsAnishinaabeOjibweMississaugas

Question 6: Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center ________ of stones, and surrounding that would be an outer ring of stones, then there would be "spokes", or lines of rocks, coming out the cairn.

Question 7: Although ________ are not definite on the purpose of each medicine wheel, it is thought that they probably had ceremonial or astronomical significance.
ArchaeologyCivil engineeringEngineeringMining

Question 8: Originally, and still today, medicine wheels are stone structures constructed by certain indigenous peoples of ________ for various astronomical, ritual, healing, and teaching purposes.
North AmericaAmericas (terminology)EuropeSouth America

Question 9: Piasa________Three Sisters agricultureThunderbirdUnderwater panther
Black drinkMississippian cultureSoutheastern Ceremonial ComplexSpiro Mounds

Question 10: The Royal Alberta Museum (2005) hold that the term 'medicine wheel' was first applied to the Big Horn medicine wheel in ________, the most southern archeological wheel still extant.


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