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Question 1: Many other ________ fields, e.g.
Health scienceBioinformaticsPharmacologyBiotechnology

Question 2: Physicians whose primary professional focus is hospital medicine are called ________ in the USA.
NephrologyOrgan transplantMedical schoolHospital medicine

Question 3: Medical nutrition therapy is done by dietitians and is prescribed for diabetes, ________, weight and eating disorders, allergies, malnutrition, and neoplastic diseases.
Coronary artery aneurysmCardiovascular diseaseHeart diseasePneumopericardium

Question 4: ________, family practice, general practice or primary care is, in many countries, the first port-of-call for patients with non-emergency medical problems.
Emergency medicineFamily medicineSpecialty (medicine)General practitioner

Question 5: Vital signs including height, weight, body temperature, ________, pulse, respiration rate, hemoglobin oxygen saturation
Blood pressureRenin-angiotensin systemCirculatory systemVasodilation

Question 6: Contemporary medicine applies health science, ________, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medication, surgery, or some other form of therapy.
Clinical trialMedical researchEpidemiologyAnimal testing

Question 7: by x-rays, x-ray ________, ultrasonography, and nuclear magnetic resonance tomography.
CT pulmonary angiogramMedical radiographyX-ray computed tomographyMagnetic resonance imaging

Question 8: Doctors who are negligent or intentionally harmful in their care of patients can face charges of ________ and be subject to civil, criminal, or professional sanctions.
TortIntentional tortMedical malpracticeConspiracy (civil)

Question 9: ________ is concerned with studying human organ systems by administering radiolabelled substances (radiopharmaceuticals) to the body, which can then be imaged outside the body by a gamma camera or a PET scanner.
Nuclear medicineRadiologySurgeryMedical school

Question 10: Anatomy is the study of the physical structure of ________.

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