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Medical radiography: Quiz


Question 1: The machine looks similar to an ________ machine to many patients, but is not related.
Medical imagingPositron emission tomographyMagnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 2: ________ and some organs (such as lungs) especially lend themselves to projection radiography.
Human skeletonBoneHead and neck anatomyHuman skull

Question 3: Although not technically radiographic techniques, imaging modalities such as PET and MRI are sometimes grouped in radiography because the ________ department of hospitals handle all forms of imaging.
SurgeryMedicineRadiologyNuclear medicine

Question 4: ________ are the second most commonly used medical tests, after laboratory tests.
Ionizing radiationNuclear fusionX-rayRadiation therapy

Question 5: Angiography is used to find ________, leaks, blockages (thromboses), new vessel growth, and placement of catheters and stents.
Aortic dissectionAtherosclerosisAneurysmAortic aneurysm

Question 6: X-rays are also exploited by industrial radiographers in the field of ________, where the newer technology of ultrasound is also used.
Materials scienceNondestructive testingMechanical engineeringCivil engineering

Question 7: Often a tube with a molybdenum ________ is used with about 30 000 volts (30 kV), giving a range of X-ray energies of about 15-30 keV.
AnodeGalvanic cellBattery (electricity)Cathode

Question 8: This happened first with fluoroscopy, ________ (1960s), and mammography.
CT pulmonary angiogramMedical radiographyMagnetic resonance imagingX-ray computed tomography

Question 9: DEXA, or bone densitometry, is used primarily for ________ tests.
OsteopeniaOsteitis fibrosa cysticaOsteoporosisOsteochondritis dissecans

Question 10: Projection radiography uses ________ in different amounts and strengths depending on what body part is being imaged:
Ionizing radiationNuclear fusionRadiation therapyX-ray

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