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Question 1: Each prescription is dated and some ________ may place a time limit on the prescription [2].
JurisdictionForum non conveniensLis alibi pendensForum shopping

Question 2: The use of apothecary/avoirdupois units and symbols of measure -- ________ (O), ounces (), drams (), scruples (), grains (gr), and minims () -- is discouraged given the potential for confusion.
Imperial unitsEnglish unitsUnited States customary unitsPint

Question 3: Commonly, the term prescription is used to mean an order to take certain ________.
Pharmaceutical drugPsychoactive drugAntidepressantDrug

Question 4: Prescription may also be used as a short form for ________ to distinguish from over-the-counter drugs.
Research exemptionControlled Substances ActNew Drug ApplicationPrescription drug

Question 5: Writing out numbers as words and numerals ("dispense #30 (thirty)") as in a bank draft or ________.

Question 6: In the United States medical practitioners, veterinarians, ________, and podiatrists have prescribing power.
OrthodonticsCleft lip and palateOral and maxillofacial surgeryDentistry

Question 7: Many brand name drugs have less expensive ________ substitutes that are therapeutically equivalent.
Clinical trialGeneric drugDr. Reddy's LaboratoriesFood and Drug Administration (United States)

Question 8: This was probably originally directed at the pharmacist who needed to take a certain amount of each ingredient to compound the ________, rather than at the patient who must "take" the medicine, in the sense of consuming it.
PhysicianSurgeryMedicineSpecialty (medicine)

Question 9: [17] States allow registered certified ________ (also known as physician associates or PAs) prescription powers in all 50 states.
General practitionerEmergency medicineMedicinePhysician assistant

Question 10: For example, the abbreviation for a grain ("gr") can be confused with the gram, abbreviated g, and the symbol for minims (♏), which looks almost identical to an 'm', can be confused with micrograms or ________.
100 megametres1 decametre10 megametresMetre

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