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Question 1: The medical model is an approach to ________ that aims to find medical treatments for diagnosed symptoms and syndromes and treats the human body as a very complex mechanism (hence, Goffman's tinkering trade analogy).
PathologyInfectious diseaseDiseaseInfection

Question 2: It can be contrasted with the holistic model of the alternative health movement and the social model of the disability rights movement, as well as to ________ and recovery models of mental disorders.
Clinical psychologyMajor depressive disorderBiopsychosocial modelHealth psychology

Question 3: Sociologist ________, in his Asylums, favorably compared the medical model, which was a post-Industrial Revolution occurrence, with the conduct in the tinkering trades (watch, radio, TV repair).
Jürgen HabermasSociologyErving GoffmanHistory of sociology


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