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Medical history: Quiz


Question 1: The information obtained in this way, together with ________, enables the physician to form a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Jugular venous pressureAnkle brachial pressure indexRespiratory soundsPhysical examination

Question 2: The medical history or ________[1][2] (abbr.

Question 3: Whatever ________ a specific condition may seem restricted to, it may be reasonable to review all the other systems in a comprehensive history.
Systems theorySystems scienceSociologySystem

Question 4: For example, an ________ paramedic would typically limit his history to important details, such as name, history of presenting complaint, allergies, etc.
AmbulanceEmergency medical servicesEmergency medical technicianEmergency medical dispatcher

Question 5: Computerised history-taking could be an integral part of ________.
Clinical decision support systemMycinEvidence-based medicineArtificial intelligence

Question 6: ________ (Freud uses the term anamnesis to describe neurotics' recounting of their symptoms)
PsychotherapyPsychoanalysisSigmund FreudAnalytical psychology


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