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Medical diagnosis: Quiz


Question 1: The four cornerstones of diagnostic medicine, each essential for understanding homeostasis, are: anatomy (the structure of the human body), physiology (how the body works), ________ (what can go wrong with the anatomy and physiology) and psychology (thought and behavior).
DiseasePathologyInfectious diseaseInfection

Question 2: The first definition is "the recognition of a ________ or condition by its outward signs and symptoms," while the second definition is "the analysis of the underlying physiological/biochemical cause(s) of a disease or condition."

Question 3: The provider then conducts a physical examination of the patient, studies the patient's ________, and asks further questions in an effort to rule out as many of the potential conditions as possible.
Differential diagnosisMedical recordMedical diagnosisMental status examination

Question 4: In medicine, diagnosis (plural, diagnoses) is a label given for a medical condition or ________ identified by its signs, symptoms, and from the results of various diagnostic procedures.


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