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Question 1: When disputants communicate respectfully, they generate more opportunities for ________ settlements.
Arthur SchopenhauerGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantCreativity

Question 2: Some theorists, notably Rushworth Kidder, have claimed that mediation is the foundation of a new (some say 'postmodern') ________ - and that it sidesteps traditional ethical issues with pre-defined limits of morality.

Question 3: Mediators use appropriate techniques and/or skills to open and/or improve ________ between disputants, aiming to help the parties reach an agreement (with concrete effects) on the disputed matter.

Question 4: the willingness of the parties to ________ a "positive" solution to their problem, and to accept a discussion about respective interests and objectives
MediationArbitrationConflict resolutionNegotiation

Question 5: It is thus difficult to characterize it independently of these scales or specific ________ - where 'Mediation' may in fact be formally defined and may in fact require specific licenses.
Lis alibi pendensJurisdictionForum shoppingForum non conveniens

Question 6: Historians presume early cases in Phoenician commerce (but suppose its use in ________, too).
BabyloniaAkkadian EmpireBabylonMesopotamia

Question 7: People participating in mediation, often called “parties” or “disputants”, can take several steps to prepare for mediation, as can their ________, if involved.
Legal educationShariaLawyerCommon law

Question 8: There may be no obvious way to determine which ________ has precedence over which other, and there may be substantial resistance to settling a matter in any one place.
JurisdictionForum shoppingForum non conveniensLis alibi pendens

Question 9: Others important participants could include lawyers, ________, support-persons, interpreters, or spouses.
Chartered AccountantAccountantManagement accountingCertified Public Accountant

Question 10: ________ and end-of-life issues
Nursing ethicsBioethicsMedical ethicsConscience


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