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Question 1: Tonicization of III in major is quite rare in classical harmony, compared with, say, modulation to the V in major, but mediant tonicization in major is an important feature of late ________.
Romantic musicFranz LisztFrédéric ChopinHector Berlioz

Question 2: In major scales, the mediant chord is minor and is noted with the ________ iii.
LatinRoman RepublicRoman numeralsRoman Republican currency

Question 3: In music, the mediant is the third degree of the ________ scale, being the "middle" note of the tonic triad.
Diatonic and chromaticChord (music)Interval (music)Semitone

Question 4: In a natural minor scale, the mediant occurs as a major chord, noted with the ________ III.
Roman Republican currencyRoman numeralsRoman RepublicLatin


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