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Question 1: In ________, radio markets are generally a bit smaller than their television counterparts, as broadcast power restrictions are stricter for radio than TV, and TV reaches further via cable.
AmericasAmericas (terminology)South AmericaNorth America

Question 2: There were 286 ADI's in the ________.
CanadaUnited StatesPhilippinesAlaska

Question 3: Market researchers also subdivide ratings demographically between different ________ groups, genders, and ethnic backgrounds; as well as psychographically between income levels and other non-physical factors.
Human development (biology)Developmental biologyAgeingDeath

Question 4: This information is used by ________ to determine how to reach a specific audience.
Product placementAdvertising researchBrandAdvertising

Question 5: They are widely used in audience measurements, which are compiled in the ________ by Nielsen Media Research (television) and Arbitron (radio).
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 6: In countries such as the ________, a government body defines the media markets; in countries such as the United States, media regions are defined by a privately held institution, without government status.
CanadaWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: AM band and FM band radio ratings are sometimes separated, as are broadcast and ________.
Satellite televisionCable televisionIPTVShaw Direct

Question 8: There are also 210 TMAs regulated by the FCC within the ________ (citation needed).
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 9: They can coincide or overlap with 1 or more ________, though rural regions with few significant population centers can also be designated as markets.
Los AngelesMegalopolis (city type)MegacityMetropolitan area


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