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Question 1: Colding's work was little known outside his native ________.

Question 2: Joule contended that motion and ________ were mutually interchangeable and that, in every case, a given amount of work would generate the same amount of heat.
EnergyTemperatureInternal energyHeat

Question 3: The concept stated that motion and ________ are mutually interchangeable and that in every case, a given amount of work would generate the same amount of heat, provided the work done is totally converted to heat energy.
EntropyTemperatureHeatInternal energy

Question 4: The idea that heat and work are equivalent was proposed by Julius Robert von Mayer (1854) and independently by ________ (1843).
Michael FaradayJames Prescott JouleWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinIsaac Newton

Question 5: On May 18, 1850, Mayer attempted to commit ________, possibly in part owing to distress caused by the controversy.
CremationDeath and cultureSuicideEuthanasia

Question 6: Thomson's associates, co-workers and relatives such as William John Macquorn Rankine, James Thomson, ________, and Peter Guthrie Tait joined to champion Joule's cause.
James Clerk MaxwellCarl Friedrich GaussSir George Stokes, 1st BaronetGalileo Galilei

Question 7: In the history of science, the mechanical equivalent of heat was a ________ that had an important part in the development and acceptance of the conservation of energy and the establishment of the science of thermodynamics in the 19th century.
ConceptGottfried LeibnizGilbert RyleHenri Bergson


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