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Question 1: However, the robots can get up to 500 m tall (as in ________).
ShogakukanMangaIkki (magazine)Bokurano: Ours

Question 2: In Japan, "robot ________" (known as "mecha anime" outside Japan) is a genre that features the vehicles and their pilots as the central plot points.
AnimationAnimeTraditional animationSilhouette animation

Question 3: Another RTS with mecha units is ________, with mechas called Goliaths.
StarCraftStarCraft professional competitionStarCraft (series)StarCraft: Brood War

Question 4: With respect to powered armor suits, mecha typically do not refer to form fitting garments such as the ________ armor.
Stan LeeStark TowerIron ManAdvanced Idea Mechanics

Question 5: Some are even implied to be able to be as large as the universe (________, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Lagann-hen).
NecronomiconCthulhu MythosCthulhu Mythos arcane literatureDemonbane

Question 6: The Gundam franchise is a prominent example: Gundam toys and model kits (produced by the Japanese toymaker ________) are ubiquitous in Japan.
Bandai VisualBandaiNamcoSunrise (company)

Question 7: There are exceptions; in the film A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, the word is used to describe "mechanicals" (________ humanoids), as opposed to "orga" for "organics" (humans).
RobotRoboticsAutomatonHumanoid robot

Question 8: The ________ movie Aliens featured a cargoloader as a civilian mecha (although this instance blurs the line between being a mecha or an exoskeleton).
United StatesWestern United StatesHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNew England

Question 9: In Japanese, mecha encompasses all mechanical objects, including cars, guns, ________, and other devices.
LinuxCentral processing unitComputerPersonal computer

Question 10: In most fiction in which they appear, mecha are war machines: essentially ________ with legs instead of treads or wheels.
Armoured warfareSelf-propelled gunArmoured fighting vehicleTank

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