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Question 1: Today, over a hundred years since its inception, there are thousands of Meccano enthusiasts worldwide, many clubs and hundreds of ________ covering Meccano history, model building instructions and nostalgia.
InternetWeb designWebsiteWorld Wide Web

Question 2: Meccano was, however, still being manufactured in France, although under the ownership of ________, a United States toy manufacturer since 1972.
3MGeneral MillsDairy QueenTarget Corporation

Question 3: [17][18] Meccano is mentioned in the first chapter of ________'s novel The Power and the Glory.
The Human FactorThe Quiet AmericanBrighton Rock (novel)Graham Greene

Question 4: The ________ in 1950 also disrupted production due to a metal shortage and it was not until the mid-1950s that Meccano production returned to normal with new parts being added to all the sets.
Sino-Soviet border conflictCold WarVietnam WarKorean War

Question 5: In September 2009, TV presenter ________ and a team of volunteers created the largest ever Meccano construction, a bridge spanning the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Liverpool.
Top Gear (2002 TV series)Richard HammondJeremy ClarksonJames May

Question 6: Meccano is a model ________ system comprising re-usable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces.
Structural engineeringConstructionBuilding services engineeringCivil engineering

Question 7: In the early 1960s Meccano Ltd experienced financial problems and was purchased by ________ (Tri-ang) in 1964.
G & R WrennAirfixHornby RailwaysLines Bros

Question 8: Meccano was invented in 1901 in England by ________ and manufactured by the British company, Meccano Ltd, between 1908 and 1980.
Frank HornbyDinky ToysHornby RailwaysLiverpool

Question 9: 10 Outfit became Meccano's ________ set and remained relatively unchanged until it was discontinued a half-century later in 1992.
Public Broadcasting ServiceFlagshipFlagship stationCBS

Question 10: The only tools required to assemble models were a ________ and spanners (wrenches).
Drill bitScrewdriverCountersinkDrill

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