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Question 1: Meat analogue may also refer to a meat-based, healthier and/or less-expensive alternative to a particular meat product, such as ________.
Hot potSurimiSausageVietnamese cuisine

Question 2: ________ features the oldest known use of meat analogues.
Buddhist cuisineBuddhist vegetarianismZenGuan Yin

Question 3: Surimi products are often marketed as "imitation" meats (e.g., "imitation ________ meat", "imitation shrimp").
CrabCrab fisheriesLobsterSea urchin

Question 4: Many dairy analogues contain ________, which is extracted dried milk proteins, making them unsuitable for vegans.

Question 5: Biologists have long researched methods for growing ________ in laboratory conditions, and the technology is ready for commercial use.
Head and neck anatomyTorsoFasciaMuscle

Question 6: ________ has offered a $1 million prize to the first company that can bring lab-grown chicken meat to consumers by 2012.
People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsHumane Society of the United StatesAnimal rightsIngrid Newkirk

Question 7: Surimi from ________, such as imitation crab, imitation shrimp, or imitation lobster
Pelagic fishFishForage fishFish anatomy

Question 8: ________ may be composed of tofu, tapioca starch, or similar products that recreate the leavening and binding effects of eggs in baked goods.
Egg whiteEgg (food)SoybeanEgg yolk

Question 9: Other processed poultry products, such as ________, in the same forms described above for turkey.

Question 10: ________, a processed hash of fish plus flavorings, is used to make products such as imitation crab meat.
Vietnamese cuisineHot potSausageSurimi


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