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Question 1: Radar antenna, indirect by runtime measurement of electromagnetic waves around the microwave region (________)
Ultra high frequencyWeather radarRadarX band

Question 2: The substance potential of a ________ reaction is usually determined electrochemically using reversible cells.

Question 3: ________ lack a distinct pattern and are identifyable thereby.
LiquidAmorphous solidGlassGlass transition

Question 4: ________, enthalpy-meter, active
Laboratory flaskHot air ovenLaboratory glasswareCalorimeter

Question 5: For identification and content concerning chemical substances see also analytical chemistry especially its List of chemical analysis methods and the ________.
X-ray crystallographyMass spectrometryNear-field scanning optical microscopeList of materials analysis methods

Question 6: ________ measures the density of water in air
MeteorologyThermo-hygrographWeather balloonHygrometer

Question 7: ________, also called bomb calorimeter
Laboratory flaskLaboratory glasswareCalorimeterHot air oven

Question 8: ________ is an important tool used by physicists.

Question 9: Example: In a plant that furnishes pumped-storage hydroelectricity, ________ and electrical work is done by machines like electric pumps and generators.
EnergyForceClassical mechanicsWork (physics)

Question 10: ________ (lung and airways controlling the breathing process)
Human pharynxRespiratory diseaseAsthmaRespiratory system


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