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Means of production: Quiz


Question 1: This includes the classical ________ minus financial capital and minus human capital.
Schools of economic thoughtCapital (economics)Labor theory of valueFactors of production

Question 2: In the pure ideal of ________, such as that "communism" was/is supposed to be, the MoP are controlled by the workers production collectives directly.
MarxismKarl MarxSocialist stateSocialism

Question 3: By comparison, the term means of production applies to these means independent of their ownership and their compensation, and regardless of whether the mode of production is capitalist, ________, slave, communal, or otherwise.

Question 4: The affinity between ________ causes and this advocacy is very strong - and often shared by social democrats, socialists, communists and greens.
Labour movementAustralian labour movementAnarcho-syndicalismTrade union

Question 5: The idea of factors of production is typically used as an explanation for income as duly paid to owners of each means of production and also to the workers themselves within ________.
Keynesian economicsCapitalismAnarcho-capitalismLaissez-faire

Question 6: ________ - An economic system based on public ownership of the means of production.
Socialist stateMarxismSocialismKarl Marx

Question 7: They include two broad categories of objects: instruments of labour (tools, factories, ________, etc.) and subjects of labour (natural resources and raw materials).
CanalTransportInfrastructureCivil engineering

Question 8: To the question of why classes exist in human societies in the first place, ________ offered an historical explanation that it was the cultural practice of Ownership of the Means of Production that gives rise to them.
SocialismJeremy BenthamMarxismKarl Marx

Question 9: The analysis of people's relationships with the means of production is one element that stands at the basis of ________.
Karl MarxDialecticDialectical materialismMarxism

Question 10: Marxists define ________ in terms of how the means of production are used, and which social class controls them.
Economic systemComplex systemPolitical systemTalcott Parsons


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