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Question 1: The signifier is the sound of the linguistic object (like ________, Saussure didn't much concern himself with the written word).

Question 2: In applied pragmatics (such as ________), meaning is constituted by an individual through the active significance generated by the mental processing of stimuli input from the sensory organs.
Milton H. EricksonJohn GrinderNLP and scienceNeuro-linguistic programming

Question 3: Objectified semantics in much linguistics (following ________) usually divides words into their sense and reference.
Rudolf CarnapLogical positivismBertrand RussellGottlob Frege

Question 4: On the other hand, following ________, sense is often called connotation and reference denotation.
John Stuart MillImmanuel KantPlatoJeremy Bentham

Question 5: The field of ________ is often understood as a branch of linguistics, but non-idealized meaning as a type of semantics is more accurately a branch of psychology and ethics.
SemanticsFormal semanticsPragmaticsAristotle

Question 6: Austin • Noam Chomsky • Hans-Georg Gadamer • Saul Kripke • ________ • Donald Davidson • Paul Grice • Gilbert Ryle • P.

Question 7: ________ described language in terms of signs, which he in turn divided into signifieds and signifiers.
Ferdinand de SaussureGottfried LeibnizStructuralismLinguistics


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