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Mead hall: Quiz


Question 1: In ancient ________ a mead hall or feasting hall was initially simply a large building with a single room.
SwedenDenmark–NorwayNordic countriesScandinavia

Question 2: Its walls were richly decorated with tapestries depicting the history and legends of the ________, and it served as a house for the King and his kin, a meeting hall for the King and his advisors, and a gathering hall.
GondorRohanDol GuldurMiddle-earth

Question 3: From around AD 500 up until the ________ (by the 13th century), these large halls were vital parts of the political center.
Christianity in the 8th centuryChristianization of ScandinaviaTimeline of Christian missionsChristianity in the 9th century

Question 4: A similar large hall has been found next to the church of ________, Sweden on a clay plateau called Kungsgårdsplatån.
FreyrTafl gamesThorGamla Uppsala

Question 5: This hall was built in the mid-6th century, exactly the time period of ________.
WidsithBeowulfBeowulf (hero)Finnesburg Fragment

Question 6: The ________ graveyards of Møllegårdsmarken and Brudager are close by.
Iron AgeAncient Near EastLa Tène cultureIron Age China

Question 7: The remains of a Viking hall complex were uncovered southwest of Lejre, ________ in 1986–88 by Tom Christensen of the Roskilde Museum.

Question 8: [1] Wood from the foundation was ________-dated to about AD 880.
Carbon-14Radiocarbon datingRadonOxygen

Question 9: Together with the religious center (________), nearby royal estates (husaby/Uppsala öd), and the royal grave mounds, it was part of the religious and political central region of the Swedish people.
HörgrTemple at UppsalaVé (shrine)Blót


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