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Meänkieli: Quiz


Question 1: For political and historical reasons it has the status of a minority language in ________.

Question 2: The governmental and legal support for Meänkieli as a minority language has proved to be weaker than in comparable countries, such as Norway, Finland, and the ________.

Question 3: The language is taught at ________, Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University.
University College DublinSödertörn UniversityStockholm UniversityKarolinska Institutet

Question 4: In Finland Meänkieli is generally seen as a ________ of northern Finnish.
German languageDialectEnglish languageDialect continuum

Question 5: Linguistically meänkieli consists of the Finnish Torney Valley (also spoken on the Finnish side of the ________) and Gällivare dialects which belong to the much larger Peräpohjola dialect group (see Dialect chart).
Torne RiverNorrbotten CountyKirunaSweden

Question 6: Meänkieli lacks two of the ________ used in standard Finnish, namely the comitative and the instructive (and they are used mostly in literary, official language in Finland).
Accusative caseGenitive caseGrammatical caseNominative case

Question 7: Meänkieli also contains many ________ from Swedish, pertaining to daily life.
English languageLoanwordGerman languageFrench language

Question 8: Historically, the area where Meänkieli is spoken and what is now ________ (apart from the linguistically Sami and Swedish parts thereof), formed a dialect continuum within the Realm of Sweden.

Question 9: Since the area east of Torne River was ceded to ________ in 1809, the language developed in partial isolation from standard Finnish.
MoscowRussian cultureRussiaUnited States

Question 10: "our language") is the name used in Sweden for Finnish dialects spoken in the most northern parts of the country, around the valley of the ________.
Torne RiverTorne ValleyKirunaNorrbotten County


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