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McMinnville UFO photographs: Quiz


Question 1: (Clark, 373) ________ magazine published the photos in July 1950.
Life (magazine)Sports IllustratedTime (magazine)Golf Magazine

Question 2: In the 1980s two UFO skeptics, ________ and Robert Sheaffer, would argue that the photos were faked, and that the entire event was a hoax.
Unidentified flying objectPhilip J. KlassJames E. McDonaldMajestic 12

Question 3: In 1967 the negatives were found in the files of the ________ (UPI), a news service which had merged with INS years earlier.
United Press InternationalUnification ChurchInchon (film)The Washington Times

Question 4: The Trents had been promised that the negatives would be returned to them; however, they were not returned - ________ magazine told the Trents that it had misplaced the negatives.
Golf MagazineLife (magazine)Sports IllustratedTime (magazine)

Question 5: The McMinnville UFO photographs were taken on a farm near ________ in 1950.
Monmouth, OregonMcMinnville, OregonNewberg, OregonHillsboro, Oregon

Question 6: (Clark, 374) The negatives were then loaned to William Hartmann, an astronomer who was working as an investigator for the ________, a government-funded UFO research project based at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Condon CommitteeUfologyExtraterrestrial hypothesisUnidentified flying object

Question 7: The photos were reprinted in ________ magazine and in newspapers across the nation, and are often considered to be among the most famous ever taken of a UFO.
Sports IllustratedGolf MagazineTime (magazine)Life (magazine)

Question 8: ________, an optical physicist for the U.S.
Unidentified flying objectUfologyNational Investigations Committee On Aerial PhenomenaBruce Maccabee


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