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McDonnell Douglas MD-90: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is McDonnell Douglas MD-90?
Dinner Theatre
NICTD station

Question 2: [16] The main competitors of the MD-90 included the ________ and the Boeing 737-800.
Airbus A380Airbus A350Airbus A320 familyAirbus A340

Question 3:
How many McDonnell Douglas MD-90s have been built?
>320 by 1982

Question 4:
What is McDonnell Douglas MD-90's current status?
Updating every day

Question 5:
What company manufactures McDonnell Douglas MD-90?

Question 6: After the Boeing-McDonnell Douglas merger, Delta canceled their remaining 19 MD-90 orders in favor of the ________.
Boeing 737 Next GenerationBoeing 737 ClassicBoeing 747Boeing 737

Question 7: Following the MD-90 in the DC-9 family was the MD-95, which was renamed the ________ after McDonnell Douglas (successor to Douglas Aircraft Company) merged with Boeing in 1997.
Boeing 727Boeing 717Boeing Commercial AirplanesBoeing 737

Question 8: The ________ developed the DC-9 in the 1960s as a short-range companion to their larger DC-8.
Douglas DC-2Douglas DC-5Douglas DC-6Douglas Aircraft Company

Question 9: The MD-90 has a seating capacity of up to 172 passengers and was introduced into service with ________ in 1995.
United AirlinesNorthwest AirlinesContinental AirlinesDelta Air Lines

Question 10: Major airlines that have operated the MD-90 include ________, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Japan Air System (JAS).
United AirlinesNorthwest AirlinesContinental AirlinesDelta Air Lines


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