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McDonald's Restaurants v Morris & Steel: Quiz


Question 1: [28] Steel and Morris announced their intention to appeal over these and other points to the House of Lords, and then take the UK Government to the ________ if necessary.
Council of EuropeKyoto ProtocolInterpolEuropean Court of Human Rights

Question 2: Under ________, the burden of proving (on balance of probability) the literal truth of every disparaging statement is on the defendant.
Northern Ireland lawEnglish lawContemporary Welsh LawScots law

Question 3: The two were denied ________, as was policy for libel cases, despite having very limited income.
Legal aidAustraliaLawyerDue process

Question 4: No Logo, ________, 490 pages, cover design Bruce Mau & Barr Gilmore, 1999.
NeoliberalismAnti-globalization movementNoam ChomskyNaomi Klein

Question 5: ________
Strategic lawsuit against public participationChilling effect (term)Prior restraintHate speech

Question 6: In September 1998, the pair sued ________ for disclosing confidential information to investigators hired by McDonalds and received £10,000 and an apology for the alleged disclosure.
Police Community Support OfficerHome OfficeSpecial policeScotland Yard

Question 7: ________ (by Eric Schlosser), an exposé on fast food and the culture it has created, which mentions McLibel in its last few chapters.
McDonald'sBurger KingSubway (restaurant)Fast Food Nation

Question 8: "Anti-McDonald's Activists Take Message Online", 27 March 1996, ________.
Yahoo!Associated PressNew JerseyUnited States

Question 9: This case followed past instances in which McDonald's threatened to sue more than fifty organizations for libel, including ________ television and several major publications.
S4CChannel 4Five (TV channel)BBC

Question 10: However they ruled against the defendants on the allegation that McDonald's food was a ________.


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