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Mbuti: Quiz


Question 1: Traditionally, it was made of wood or sometimes ________, but Turnbull also reported the use of metal drainpipes.

Question 2: ________ also provides allies for each group of people.

Question 3: Their language belongs to the Central Sudanic subgroup of the ________ phylum.
Nilo-Saharan languagesAfroasiatic languagesNiger-Congo languagesSonghay languages

Question 4: There are four distinct ________, within the Bambuti.
Human rightsSlaveryCultureFamily

Question 5: Stephanie McCrummen, "Lured Toward Modern Life, Pygmy Families Left in Limbo", ________, 12 November 2006
Slate (magazine)Donald E. GrahamThe Washington PostNewsweek

Question 6: Due to ________, gold mining, and modern influences from plantations, agriculturalists, and efforts to conserve the forests, their food supply is threatened.
DeforestationKyoto ProtocolClimate change and agricultureUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Question 7: Sister exchange is the common form of ________ [19].
FamilyMarriageRomance (love)Polyamory

Question 8: Too much rainfall as well as ________ can greatly diminish the food supply.
DroughtKyoto ProtocolDeforestationClimate change and agriculture

Question 9: The Bambuti are an ________ society in which the band is the highest form of social organization.
Universal suffrageTortureEgalitarianismSlavery

Question 10: In Bambuti society, ________ is not customary.
Bride priceBride servicesWeddingMarriage

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