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Mazda F engine: Quiz


Question 1: Only the ________ 8-valve and 12-valve shared the same gasket pattern.
Filling stationGasolineDiesel fuelInternal combustion engine

Question 2: 1992–1993 ________ 2.0iRS and Meteor 2.0 16v (South Africa)
Ford Motor CompanyFord LaserFord TelstarFord Focus (international)

Question 3: 1993–1997 ________
Mazda 626Mazda FamiliaMazda6Mazda MX-6

Question 4: 1988–1992 Mazda Capella/________
Mazda FamiliaMazda 626Mazda 929Mazda6

Question 5: 1975–1980 ________/929
Mazda LuceMazda CosmoMazda RX-4Mazda Familia

Question 6: A destroked FE at 77mm, the F8 has a capacity of 1.8 litres, and came in several configurations including a 12-valve head and ________ later in its life.
Ignition systemFuel injectionCarburetorThrottle

Question 7: The F engine family from ________ is a mid-sized straight-4 piston engine with iron block, alloy head and belt-driven OHC.

Question 8: 1999–2001 ________ (Japan)
Mazda 929Mazda 626Mazda MPVMazda6

Question 9: There were four basic head types within the F range, the diesel SOHC 8-valve, the petrol SOHC 8-valve, petrol SOHC 12-valve, and the ________ DOHC 16-valve.
Filling stationDiesel fuelGasolineInternal combustion engine

Question 10: The F2T is a turbocharged version of the F2 equipped with an IHI-supplied RHB5 VJ11 turbocharger and an air-to-air ________.
CarburetorIntercoolerManifold (automotive)Supercharger


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