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Mayanism: Quiz


Question 1: These ideas became part of a belief system fostered by psychic ________ in the early 20th century and later popularized in the 1960s by author Jess Stearn.
JesusEarth ChangesEdgar CayceNew Age

Question 2: The novel 2012: The War for Souls (2007) by ________ is heavily influenced by Mayanism.
Whitley StrieberWardayCommunion (1989 film)The Wild (novel)

Question 3: It has also drawn inspiration from the success of ________ by James Redfield, a novel that refers to the fictional discovery of a Pre-Columbian self-help manuscript in South America.
New AgeDeepak ChopraThe Celestine ProphecyAlice Bailey

Question 4: Adherents of this belief system are not to be confused with Mayanists, scholars who research the historical ________.
TeotihuacanMesoamerican chronologyPre-Columbian eraMaya civilization

Question 5: The use of a number of psychotropic substances is well documented in the culture of ancient ________.
MesoamericaTakalik AbajMaya civilizationMesoamerican chronology

Question 6: Sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, a royal estate of the ________ in Peru are a common destination for spiritual retreats that drawn upon themes from Mayanism.
Pre-Columbian eraAztecMaya civilizationInca Empire

Question 7: This resulted in his 1975 book Mexico Mystique: The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness, a discussion of Mesoamerican culture strongly colored by Waters' beliefs in astrology, prophecy, and the lost continent of ________.
Mu (lost continent)EuropeAtlantisAsia

Question 8: The most common medicinal plant used by the ancient Maya was tobacco (________), which was ingested by smoking or drinking an infusion.

Question 9: Mayanism can be traced to the 16th century book Utopia by Sir Thomas More, who developed the concept of a utopia in the New World (an idea first explored by ________ in his 1501 Book of Prophecies).
SpainAmericasDominican RepublicChristopher Columbus

Question 10: Mayanism experienced a revival in the 1970s through the work of ________, a writer on the subject of Hopi mythology.
Colorado CollegeColorado Springs, ColoradoFrank WatersNew Mexico

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