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Question 1:
Which out of the following is a child of Mayan languages?

Question 2: When speakers of proto-Tzeltalan later separated from the Ch'olan group and moved south into the Chiapas highlands, they came into contact with speakers of ________.
OlmecMixe languagesMesoamerican languagesMixe-Zoque languages

Question 3: Thus in the Classical Quiché of the ________ we read u-wach ulew "on the earth" (literally "its face the earth").
GuatemalaMaya Hero TwinsMaya maize godPopol Vuh

Question 4:
What family does Mayan languages belong to?
Joshua Rush
language family descended from Proto-Mayan. See below for details.
Father, mother, sister , brother-in-law , nephew
William Barnett

Question 5: [4] Modern Mayan languages descend from ________, a language thought to have been spoken at least 5,000 years ago; it has been partially reconstructed using the comparative method.
Classic Maya languageTone (linguistics)Maya scriptProto-Mayan

Question 6: For example, all use relational nouns instead of ________ to indicate spatial relationships.
InfinitiveCopula (linguistics)VerbPreposition and postposition

Question 7: Three of the four extant ________ are based on Yucatec.
Maya codicesCopánMaya civilizationMaya calendar

Question 8: During the ________ era of Mesoamerican history, some Mayan languages were written in the Maya hieroglyphic script.
Paleo-IndiansPre-Columbian eraKennewick ManIndigenous Amerindian genetics

Question 9: The ________ is spoken by about 400,000 people in an area stretching from Guatemala City westward to the northern shore of Lake Atitlán.
Tz'utujil languageQ'anjob'al languageMayan languagesKaqchikel language

Question 10: The pre-Columbian ________ developed and used an intricate and fully functional writing system which is the only Mesoamerican script that can be said to be almost fully deciphered.
TeotihuacanMesoamerican chronologyMaya civilizationPre-Columbian era


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