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Maya religion: Quiz


Question 1: The Maya landscape is a ritual topography with landmarks such as mountains, wells and caves being assigned to specific ancestors and deities (see also ________).
Maya civilizationMaya cave sitesMesoamericaQ'umarkaj

Question 2: Within the group of the ancestors, a special category is constituted by the heroes, best known through the sixteenth-century Quichean epic of the ________, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.
Maya Hero TwinsMaya maize godMesoamerican ballgameMaya religion

Question 3: References to 4 Ahau 8 Cumku events are few in number (the most important one occurring on ________ stela C), seemingly incoherent, and hard to interpret.

Question 4: The ________ contains what some consider to be a zodiac.
Maya civilizationMaya codicesMaya calendarCopán

Question 5: Like the Year Bearers, the thirteen twenty-year periods (katuns) of the ________ were viewed as divine lords in their own right and worshipped accordingly.
Byzantine calendarMaya calendarIslamic calendarGregorian calendar

Question 6: They also included a commemorative festival for the hero ________, viewed as the founder of Yucatec kingship.
KukulkanYaxchilanMaya civilizationChichen Itza

Question 7: Particularly ________ ritual was entirely focused on the 'feeding' of the deities, as represented by their incense burners.
ChiapasLacandonMaya peoplesMayan languages

Question 8: Horizontally, the earth is conceived in various ways: as a square with its four directional or, perhaps, ________ points, or as a circle without such fixed points.
Islamic calendarSolsticeEquinoxAxial precession (astronomy)

Question 9: The ________, connected to networks of sacrificial shrines, is fundamental for ritual life.
Gregorian calendarMaya calendarByzantine calendarIslamic calendar

Question 10: Like all other cultures of ________, the Maya used a 260-day calendar, usually referred to as tzolkin.
MesoamericaMaya civilizationTakalik AbajMesoamerican chronology

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