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Question 1: Most of the conquistadores were motivated by the prospects of the great wealth to be had from the seizure of precious metal resources such as ________ or silver; however, the Maya lands themselves were poor in these resources.

Question 2: We have only hints of the advanced painting of the classic Maya; mostly what has survived are ________ pottery and other Maya ceramics, and a building at Bonampak holds ancient murals that survived by chance.
Death and cultureCremationBurialFuneral

Question 3: Advances such as writing, ________, and the calendar did not originate with the Maya; however, their civilization fully developed them.
EpigraphyGreek languageWriting systemLatin alphabet

Question 4: Published writings of 16th century ________ and writings of 18th century Spanish officials spurred serious investigations of Maya sites by the late 18th century.
Maya scriptDiego de LandaYuri KnorozovCharles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  The ruins of Palenque
  Maya numerals
  False-color IKONOS image of a bajo (lowland area) in Guatemala. The forest covering sites of Maya ruins appears yellowish, as opposed to the red color of surrounding forest. The more sparsely vegetated bajos appear blue-green.
  God K, the god of lightning

Question 6: The latitude of most of their cities being below the ________, these zenial passages would occur twice a year equidistant from the solstice.
25th parallel northTropic of CancerCircle of latitude20th parallel north

Question 7: 2000 BC to 250 AD), according to the ________, many Maya cities reached their highest state development during the Classic period (c.
Pre-Columbian eraSouth American Indigenous peopleMesoamerican chronologyMaya civilization

Question 8: Many consider Maya ________ of their Classic Era (c.

Question 9: The modern ________ is even more accurate, accumulating only a day's error in approximately 3257 years.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarIslamic calendarTime

Question 10: Shortly after the conquest, all of the codices which could be found were ordered to be burnt and destroyed by zealous Spanish ________, notably Bishop Diego de Landa.
Liturgical bookPriestPsalmsLutheranism


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