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MaxiCode: Quiz


Question 1: This information is protected with a strong ________ code, allowing it to be read even if a portion of the symbol is damaged.
BCH codeConvolutional codeForward error correctionReed–Solomon error correction

Question 2: Suitable for tracking and managing the shipment of packages, it resembles a ________, but uses dots arranged in a hexagonal grid instead of bars.
European Article NumberBarcodeFacing Identification MarkUniversal Product Code

Question 3: MaxiCode has been standardised under ________ 16023[1].
OpenDocumentISO 3166International Organization for StandardizationISO 3166-1

Question 4: a ________), and alphanumeric postal codes.
AtlantaWashington, D.C.DenverZIP code

Question 5: MaxiCode is a public domain, machine readable symbol system originally created and used by ________.
FedExCon-wayCaterpillar Inc.United Parcel Service


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