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Question 1: [14] On 2 October 1945, Laue, ________, and Werner Heisenberg, were taken to meet with Henry Hallett Dale, president of the Royal Society, and other members of the Society.
Adolf ButenandtPeter DebyeFriedrich BergiusOtto Hahn

Question 2: In 1912, Laue was called to the ________ as an extraordinarius professor of physics.
University of CambridgeUniversity of ZurichUniversity of HeidelbergUniversity of Oxford

Question 3: Laue completed his Habilitation [4] in 1906 under ________ at LMU.
Arnold SommerfeldWerner HeisenbergMax BornMax Planck

Question 4: He was instrumental in re-establishing and organizing German science after ________.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsWorld War II

Question 5: He also met ________ for the first time; they became friends and Laue went on to contribute to the acceptance and development of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Scientific methodRelationship between religion and scienceIsaac NewtonAlbert Einstein

Question 6: In 1946, he initiated the founding of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft in only the British Occupation Zone, as the ________ would not initially allow organizations across occupation zone boundaries.
Allied-occupied GermanyKarl DönitzNazi GermanyAllied Control Council

Question 7: In it, he compared the persecution of Galileo and the oppression of his scientific views on the Solar theory of ________ to the then conflict and persecution over the theory of relativity by the proponents of Deutsche Physik, against the work of Einstein, labeled “Jewish physics.”
Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthNicolaus CopernicusHeliocentrismJohannes Kepler

Question 8: In 1898, after passing his Abitur in Strassburg, he entered his compulsory year of military service, after which he began his studies in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, in 1899, at the University of Strassburg, the University of Göttingen, and the ________ (LMU).
University of FreiburgUniversity of BarcelonaLudwig Maximilian University of MunichUniversity of Heidelberg

Question 9: Max von Laue, author, translated by ________ and R.
Paul Peter EwaldWerner HeisenbergMax BornArnold Sommerfeld

Question 10: In addition to his scientific endeavors with contributions in optics, ________, quantum theory, superconductivity, and the theory of relativity, he had a number of administrative positions which advanced and guided German scientific research and development during four decades.
AtomCondensed matter physicsX-ray crystallographyCrystallography

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