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Question 1: Significant interpretations of his writings were produced by such sociological luminaries as Talcott Parsons and ________.
Rationalization (sociology)Economic sociologyC. Wright MillsSociology

Question 2:
Max Weber, Industrial Revolution and Globalization are all:
Theories of history 19th-century philosophers Deaths from pneumonia German sociologists

Question 3: Weber analyzes the interaction between the ________, the cities, the herdsmen and the peasants, including the conflicts between them and the rise and fall of the United Monarchy.
Saudi ArabiaJordanEgyptBedouin

Question 4:
What is Max Weber also known as?
Weber, Gottfried
De Pree, Max
Max von Baden
Weber, Max

Question 5: [3] He is typically cited, with √Čmile Durkheim and ________, as one of the three principal architects of modern social science,[4] and has variously been described as the most important classic thinker in the social sciences.
Jeremy BenthamKarl MarxMarxismSocialism

Question 6:

Question 7: Weber formulated a three-component theory of stratification, with ________, Social status and party (or politicals) as conceptually distinct elements.
Social stratificationSocial classWorking classUpper class

Question 8: The ancient Nepalese social system was shaped by the concept of ________.
RacismReligious intoleranceRacial segregationCaste

Question 9:
How is Max Weber described?
Founder of modern sociology
Japanese modern painter
Founder of modern Zionism
Father of modern figure skating

Question 10:
When is Max Weber's birthday?


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