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Question 1: The character was supposed to be a temporary replacement to ________ Ronald Reagan for when he was on vacation or taking a nap.
PresidentPrime ministerOfficial residenceUnited States

Question 2: The first episode was presented in an extended edition to American audiences in 1986 on ________.
HBOCinemaxTime WarnerWarner Bros.

Question 3: In 1986, Quicksilva released a Max Headroom game, which was sold in the UK for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and ________.
Commodore 64Commodore VIC-20Commodore 128Commodore SX-64

Question 4: Max Headroom was featured in a ________ programme, a feature film, a dramatic television series and television commercials.
Music videoVH1The Ed Sullivan ShowMTV

Question 5: The original movie was rebroadcast on More4 on 21 October 2007 as part of the 25th birthday celebrations of ________.
Five (TV channel)S4CChannel 4BBC

Question 6: ________ featured an overdubbed Max on the song "Paranoimia".
Trevor HornInto Battle with the Art of NoiseArt of NoiseClose (to the Edit)

Question 7: Max's image was actually that of actor Matt Frewer in latex and foam prosthetic makeup with a ________ suit created by Peter Mackenzie Litten and John Humphreys of Coast to Coast Productions in the UK.
PlasticFiberglassAsbestosOptical fiber

Question 8: Video of the ________ featuring Max Headroom singing Paranoimia
Art of NoiseClose (to the Edit)Into Battle with the Art of NoiseTrevor Horn

Question 9: Max Headroom is a fictional British ________, known for his surreal wit and stuttering, distorted, electronically sampled voice.
Daniel DennettRené DescartesArtificial intelligenceKarl Popper

Question 10: The series pilot won the ________ award for graphics.
BAFTA Award for Best Direction63rd British Academy Film AwardsBritish Academy of Film and Television ArtsBAFTA Award for Best Film


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