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Mawdryn Undead: Quiz


Question 1: Mawdryn Undead at ________
BBC OnlineBBC iPlayerBBC RadioBBC Red Button

Question 2: A warp ellipse draws the ________ off course.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyTARDISDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 3: Mawdryn Undead is a serial in the British science fiction television series ________, which was originally broadcast in four twice-weekly parts from February 1 to February 9, 1983.
Doctor WhoThe Sarah Jane AdventuresTorchwoodCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 4: The story was released on ________ in November 1992.
HD DVDVHSLaserdiscBlu-ray Disc

Question 5: Meeting the younger Brigadier, they bring him and the alien back to the starliner, which is actually the prison of a group of alien scientists who had been trying to discover the ________ secret of regeneration.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyTime LordCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 6: The ________ is caught in a warp ellipse and materialises on board a starliner locked in a perpetual orbit in time and space.
Doctor (Doctor Who)TARDISDoctor Who story chronologyCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 7: The episode also establishes that the Brigadier left UNIT in 1976 and became a teacher, although the serials ________ and Battlefield establish that he later reestablished his relationship with the organization.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who DVD releasesThe Five DoctorsDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 8: The ________'s companions are separated from him not in space, but in time, and he has to deal with a treacherous schoolboy named Turlough.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Nyssa (Doctor Who)Zagreus (audio drama)Fifth Doctor

Question 9: Some consideration was given to using instead the character of ________, who was a regular in the programme for a season in the mid-1970s, before the return of Lethbridge-Stewart was eventually decided upon.
Sarah Jane SmithFourth DoctorCompanion (Doctor Who)Harry Sullivan

Question 10: The Doctor clearly states that he has eight incarnations left after his present one, confirming that there were no earlier incarnations before the televised first, played by ________.
William HartnellDoctor (Doctor Who)First DoctorDoctor Who


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