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Mawangdui: Quiz


Question 1: The tomb also contained various medical texts, including depictions of ________ (tao yin) exercises, as well as a historical text, the Chunqiu shiyu.
AcupunctureQigongTai chi chuanTraditional Chinese medicine

Question 2: The outside of the tombs were layered with white clay and ________; white clay layering was a practice that originated with Chu burials, while charcoal layering was a practice that was followed during the early western Han Dynasty in the Changsha area.
PyrolysisBlast furnaceCharcoalCarbon

Question 3: The maps display the Hunan, ________ and Guangxi region and depict the political boundary between the Han Dynasty and Nanyue.
GuangdongShenzhenCantonese (Yue)Guangzhou

Question 4: The tomb also contained a rich collection of Huang-lao Taoist texts, as well a copy of the ________.
Han DynastyZhan Guo CeWarring States PeriodQin (state)

Question 5: The tombs contained nested ________ coffins, a Chu burial custom.

Question 6: The tombs also followed the burial practices dictated by ________, containing no jade or precious metals.
Empress Lü ZhiEmperor Wu of HanHan DynastyEmperor Wen of Han

Question 7: Mawangdui (Chinese: 馬王堆________: Mǎwángduī, lit.
ISO/IEC 646PinyinISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-8

Question 8: In heaven we can see Chinese deities such as Nuwa and Chang'e, as well as ________ symbols such as cranes (representing immortality).
BuddhismTaoismEast Asian religionsTao

Question 9: One of the most famous artifacts from Mawangdui were the ________ funeral banners; the T-shaped banners were draped on the coffin of Tomb no.
SpandexLinenSilkKente cloth

Question 10: The site consists of two saddle-shaped hills and contained the tombs of three people from the western ________.
Ming DynastyTang DynastyHan DynastySong Dynasty


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