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Question 1: It is said that in his last days, he observed the rigorous but self purifying ________ ritual of santhara i.e.
JainismJain philosophyIndian religionsHinduism

Question 2: However, the prospect of battling Magadha deterred Alexander's troops from going further east: he returned to ________, and re-deployed most of his troops west of the Indus river.
Akkadian EmpireMesopotamiaBabylonBabylonia

Question 3: A vast ________ system collected intelligence for both internal and external security purposes.
EspionageIntelligence (information gathering)Clandestine HUMINTClandestine HUMINT asset recruiting

Question 4:

Question 5: Samprati, the grandson of ________ also embraced Jainism.
BuddhismAshoka the GreatSarnathGreco-Buddhism

Question 6: Sanchi and Mahabodhi Temple, and he increased the popularity of Buddhism in ________,Thailand and north Asian countries.
Central Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNATONon-Aligned Movement

Question 7: [14] (See also ________.)
Economic history of IndiaResearch and Analysis WingMilitary history of IndiaIndex of India-related articles

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Maurya Empire have?

Question 9: Plutarch reports that Chandragupta Maurya met with ________, probably around Taxila in the northwest:
Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Seleucid Empire

Question 10: In many ways, the economic situation in the Maurya Empire is comparable to the Roman Empire several centuries later, which both had extensive trade connections and both had organizations similar to ________.
CorporationCompanyCorporate lawCompanies law

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