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Matzo: Quiz


Question 1: In those communities, matzo looks similar to pita while in others it can resemble a ________.
TortillaFlatbreadRoti canaiArepa

Question 2: At the ________, it is customary to eat matza made of flour and water only.
Jewish holidayMimounaPassover SederPesach Sheni

Question 3: The Passover Seder meal is full of symbols of salvation, including the opening of the door for ________ and the closing line, “Next year in Jerusalem,” but the use of matza is the oldest symbol of salvation in the Seder.

Question 4: Wheat and spelt (biblical spelt is now more correctly identified as ________) are both in the genus Triticum and anything else in the genus is likewise forbidden.
DurumEmmerCommon wheatEinkorn wheat

Question 5: ________ normally treat it as a cracker and accord it the special status of bread only during Passover.
Ashkenazi JewsJewsSephardi JewsSpanish and Portuguese Jews

Question 6: Eating matza on the night of the seder is considered a positive ________, i.e., a commandment.
MitzvahJewish holidayTzitzitUpsherin

Question 7: Matza containing eggs, wine, or ________ in addition to water is not acceptable as it is considered to become leaven.
Folic acidOrange juiceJuiceOrange (fruit)

Question 8: Concerning Identification of שיבולת שועל "oats" see מיני דגן (Clarification: In modern Hebrew כסמת is used for ________, which is not a grain at all.)

Question 9: Matza is the substitute for bread during the Jewish holiday of ________, when eating chametz—bread and leavened products—is not allowed.
ShabbatThe Nine DaysPassoverThe Three Weeks

Question 10: The term is no longer widely used in English but was used by the Catholic Church in the ________.
Authorized King James VersionGeneva BibleRevised Standard VersionDouay-Rheims Bible


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