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Matthias Erzberger: Quiz


Question 1: Over the next few days, Erzberger obtained important concessions from ________, the chief Allied negotiator; but he was unsure whether he should hold out for further changes in Germany's favour.
John J. PershingParisFerdinand FochWorld War I

Question 2: ________ himself telegraphed back that the armistice should be signed, modifications or no.
Franz von PapenWeimar RepublicPaul von HindenburgAdolf Hitler

Question 3: He was forced from office in March 1920, and was murdered on 26 August 1921 in Bad Griesbach, a spa in the Black Forest (________).

Question 4: He reformed and unified the ________, which began to make a profit for the first time and helped pay the war reparations.
Royal Bavarian State RailwaysDeutsche ReichsbahnDeutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany)Deutsche Bahn

Question 5: A while later, the new Chancellor, the socialist ________, telegraphed authorizing Erzberger to sign.
Willy BrandtGeorg von HertlingGeorg MichaelisFriedrich Ebert

Question 6: As the head of the German delegation, he signed the armistice ending World War I on 11 November 1918 at Compiègne with French representative ________.
Ferdinand FochFranceParisJohn J. Pershing

Question 7: The resolution passed 212 to 126, and even received the support of Erich Ludendorff's nominee in the Reichskanzlei, ________ Georg Michaelis.
PremierChancellorPresidentFirst Minister

Question 8: Erzberger became finance minister in June 1919, and endorsed the ________.
League of NationsWorld War ITreaty of VersaillesTreaty of Trianon

Question 9: Prominent in the Centre Party, he spoke out against the ________ from 1917 and eventually signed the Armistice for the German Empire.
Caucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideWorld War I

Question 10: Due to his involvement with the Versailles Treaty, Erzberger was regarded as a traitor by members of the ultra-nationalist ________ Organisation Consul.
Death squadExtrajudicial killingAfghanistanManhunt (military)


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